Saturday, March 15, 2014

Audiobook Review: Phantom Canyon

Phantom Canyon
Authors: Susan Bridges, Jeffrey Thorne, Jeffrey Bridges
Narrators: Pendant Productions 
Unabridged, Length 2 hrs, 35 min
Publisher: Pendant Productions 2/27/14

Publishers Summary:
Sam, a guilt-ridden blacksmith, gets a telegram from the woman he left behind, asking for help. He returns to his hometown to find the "afflicted" roaming the streets, and discovers that letting go of the past is even more difficult than battling supernatural hordes. 
©2014 Pendant Productions (P)2014 Pendant Productions

My Thoughts:
This audio drama was truly a treat for me.  As an old fart who dates back to BT (before television) I can remember sitting with my ear glued to the radio so I wouldn't miss a second of CBS Suspense! or Gunsmoke.   I am not usually a fan of westerns or horror however Phantom Canyon is a combination of both genres that I found intriguing.  But was not the weird western horror tale that drew me in right away.  It was the humor.  I've listened to and laughed out loud several times at this line, "And what? Finishing that sentence is liable to get you told to selfcopulate."   I really enjoyed the story and the sound effects were outstanding, especially the zombie sounds.  Very creepy.  The writing and acting is topnotch.  I highly recommend Phantom Canyon to anyone who likes a good creepy story but my recommendation comes with a warning.  If you love to listen everywhere you go like I do, you just might find yourself in the grocery store with your hand clamped over your mouth so you won't appear to be walking around laughing out loud at nothing.  I had to listen to that part again when I got home.  

Review copy provided by Jeffrey Bridges and Pendant Productions
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