Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I finally updated my blog!

Listening at McDonald's
It's been over a year since I stopped listening to audiobooks on an mp3 player and upgraded to apps on my Samsung Galaxy S4 so it's high time I changed the look of my blog to reflect how I listen now.  

I have discovered the delightful freedom of bluetooth headphones. I love my Arctic Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. I chose a blue headset because pink wasn't available.  As you can see in the photo, it goes behind my head and sits on my ears, looking a bit like Princess Leia's hair buns.  I get lots of curious looks, especially from kids.  I was sitting in McDonald's drinking coffee recently and a little boy kept smiling and waving at me. I had the feeling he wanted to ask me about the blue things on my ears. 

 I ordered my headset from Amazon because it had good reviews and 20-hour playback time. I always carry earbuds just in case, but seldom have to use them now.  

I have several apps on my phone for listening:  Audible, Downpour, One Click Digital and Overdrive (library apps), Smart Audiobook Player & Listen Audiobook Player.  Smart Audiobook player is my favorite.  The Audible app would be except it seems to constantly lose my place.  Wonder if I can transfer audiobooks from Audible to Smart Audiobook player?