Sunday, January 27, 2013

Audiobook Review: The Forgotten

The Forgotten by David Balacci
Narrated by Ron McLarty, Orlagh Cassidy
Series: John Puller: Book 2
Unabridged, Length 12 hours and 35 minutes
Release Date: 11-20-12
Publisher: Hachette Audio

Publishers Summary:
 In Paradise, nothing is what it seems....
Army Special Agent John Puller is the best there is. A combat veteran, Puller is the man the U.S. Army relies on to investigate the toughest crimes facing the nation. Now he has a new case - but this time, the crime is personal: His aunt has been found dead in Paradise, Florida.
A picture-perfect town on Florida's Gulf Coast, Paradise thrives on the wealthy tourists and retirees drawn to its gorgeous weather and beaches. The local police have ruled his aunt's death an unfortunate, tragic accident. But just before she died, she mailed a letter to Puller's father, telling him that beneath its beautiful veneer, Paradise is not all it seems to be.
What Puller finds convinces him that his aunt's death was no accident… and that the palm trees and sandy beaches of Paradise may hide a conspiracy so shocking that some will go to unthinkable lengths to make sure the truth is never revealed.
©2012 David Baldacci (P)2012 Hachette Audio

My Thoughts:
The Forgotten just as thrilling and satisfying as I expected it to be.  This is the second book in the John Puller series and just as good as the first, Zero Day.  If you haven’t read Zero Day, Puller’s referring to “what happened in West Virginia” will make you want to.  

A good book practically immobilizes me for the last half.  The Forgotten kept me sitting in my favorite chair getting absolutely nothing done.  It’s a great story with plenty of action and plot twists.  I really like Puller's interactions with his family, a brother in prison for treason and his senile father in a nursing home. 

 Ron McLarty’s voice is perfect for John Puller.  Actually his voice is just perfect for any story with a big, tough, capable hero.  I have heard many of his performances and never a mistake or mispronounced word.  Orlagh Cassidy is great with the female voices.

I do have one gripe about overall performance – the sound effects.  I didn’t mind the boat motor noise so much and didn’t jump too high when shots were fired but the tuneless music that is supposed to enhance the suspense just didn’t work.  It was so annoying I wanted to scream, “shut that awful music off!”

I give it A+ for story and narration but only a B for overall production. 
I enjoyed The Forgotten courtesy of my local library. 

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