Sunday, May 26, 2013

Audiobook Review: The Song Dog

The Song Dog
Author: James Mclure
Narrator: Steven Crossley
Unabridged, Length 9 hrs, 37 min
Publisher: AudioGo Ltd, 4/2/13

 Publisher's Summary:
The year is 1962. Young Lieutenant Tromp Kramer of the Trekkersburg Murder and Robbery Squad has been ordered up to Jafini, a small, dusty town in northern Zululand, to investigate the "hero's death" of the town's chief detective, Maaties Kritzinger--another Afrikaner maverick, and one with many secrets. Kramer finds himself increasingly identifying with the victim as the investigation proceeds. And then his path crosses that of Bantu Detective Sergeant Mickey Zondi, who is trying to locate a multiple killer whose summary execution will quiet the spirits of his ancestors. Despite the racial differences, the two men sense a that might prove dangerous in rural South Africa in the year of Nelson Mandela's imprisonment.

My Thoughts:
I absolutely love this series!  I listened to and reviewed The Artful Egg a few weeks ago and was delighted to have the chance to review The Song Dog because this prequel to the series shows how Lieutenant Tromp Kramer and  Bantu Detective Sergeant Mickey Zondi first teamed up to solve a crime.  At first Kramer thought Zondi was a suspect in the bombing and set a trap to catch him.  Zondi was curious to see what Kramer was up to and ended up saving Kramer when someone tried to shoot him.  Kramer had become increasingly frustrated with the inept investigations of the Jafini police department. He quickly recognized the intelligence and ability of the Bantu detective and arranged for Zondi to work the case with him. Despite their racial differences, the pair make an excellent crime-solving team.  I don't listen to many books twice, but I did listen to The Song Dog a second time.  It was fun to experience the investigation knowing where all the clues and seemingly unrelated incidences would lead.  Listening to Steven Crossley is such a treat.  He gives each character a personality and I especially liked his performance of Kramer.   I give The Song Dog 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who loves good detective fiction with a historical setting and plenty of humor. 

Review copy provided by AudioGo.

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