Saturday, July 6, 2013

Audiobook Review: B. & E. A Whit Pynchon Mystery

B. &. E.  A Whit Pynchon Mystery
Book 5
Author: Dave Pedneau
Narrator: Chet Williamson
Unabridged Length 8 hrs, 16 min
Publisher: Crossroads Press
Release Date: 04-30-13

Publisher's Summary:
The Incident: An interrupted burglary on a peaceful Milbrook street ends in the stabbing of a citizen and the murder of a cop. And that's only the beginning of a criminal nightmare for special investigator Whit Pynchon.

The Invasion: Whit has good reason to believe that the bloody B. & E. is the latest in a rash of break-ins committed for the same reason: to steal firearms. Even worse, the culprits may be neo-Nazi terrorists, who rove through small towns like Milbrook, committing robberies as part of a larger, more treacherous plan.

The Investigation: Even with the help of his lover, newspaper editor Anna Tyree, Whit has his hands full - with an obnoxious new police chief, a rabble-rousing minister, a pack of eager news hounds and the elusive killer thieves, whose vengeance is set to explode.

My Thoughts:
B. &. E (Book 5) was more predictable than  A.P.B. I enjoyed it anyway, even though I guessed who the mastermind was right away.  It was still fun to see if I was right and the plot twists kept me interested.  It was just the right length to keep me company during a day of household chores and mowing the lawn.  The time period for this book seems to be about a year after Book 1. Whit's daughter, Tressa, who was my favorite character in A.P.B. was not a part of this book.  Whit and Anna have been living together and now she is editor of the paper instead of a reporter.  Cohabiting with the paper's editor has not softened Whit's irritation and annoyance at the press.  In fact, Whit seems to be annoyed about a lot of things - the ineptness of the investigation when a police officer is murdered during a break in, the obnoxious new police chief who admits he is no detective and the job of catching the murderous thieves.  Whit is still longing to retire to the South Carolina Low Country and hates his job.  Again, what I enjoyed most is the wonderful performance of Chet Williams.  He is especially good at showing Whit's moods.  He does the voices so well I never had to wonder who was talking, even the women and teenagers. 

I give B.&E. 3.5 stars for story and 5 stars for narration.  If you like a good thriller, you can't go wrong with this one.

Review copy provided by Crossroads Press. 

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